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Anonymous asked:

What is your biggest fantasy you think about right now?

Good question. i was messaging a girl on fetlife i met recently at the dungeon and we shared a fantasy i can’t get get out of my head. It involves both of us straddling a wooden pony, bound by rope attached to the ceiling and clover clamps connecting our nipples. we would revel in each other’s beautiful suffering as we are wipped by the 3 Dom/mes in our lives. Fingers crossed it comes true ;)

bobbybushe74 asked:

So are you still married? If so how'd the bdsm get introduced, who's idea. I'm a married dominate learning bdsm and trying to slowly bring my wife into it. Would love advice

yes i am still married. my husband is my Dom. i actually brought it up to Him. W/we started slowly, just playing kinky in the bedroom but soon found W/we both needed the consistency of a 24/7 D/s relationship. O/our old marriage is now gone, D/s has become O/our new normal. The single most important piece of advice i can give is communicate, ALWAYS. The second communication breaks down the relationship suffers. Hope this helps ♡♡♡♡

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